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Brown Thrasher Photos

A Brown Thrasher family was foraging for the little one. Momma (a feather on her right wing sticks out) did most of the work, but another adult can be seen in a few photos ruffling feathers while sitting on the fence.

I didn’t realize when I started photographing Momma Thrasher that she had a little one. Thrashers are new to our yard, only have seen them the last couple of years, so I am fascinated with how they forage. Momma actually got pretty close to me, but wasn’t threatened by my presence.

I did have to move baby to saftey from our dogs, but Momma wasn’t far away and I made sure she could find her baby. She was okay with it, although Baby Thrasher screamed and threw a fit. It didn’t understand that our dogs would eat it. Momma checked on her baby and then resumed foraging and bringing goodies back.

Hopefully, Thrasher family will do well and hang around for years to come. They are pretty cool birds.

The XL Tour: Bad Company & Lynyrd Skynyrd

Photos from the Camden, NJ stop on the The XL Tour featuring Lynyrd Skynyrd & Bad Company with openers Black Stone Cherry.

The show from start to finish was top notch. Rock and roll at it’s finest. Bad Company and Lynyrd Skynyrd each played 13 song sets of classic material in celebration of their respective 40th anniversaries.

Here are selections of the photos that I took at the show, including my meet and greet photo with Lynyrd Skynyrd: THE XL TOUR (CAMDEN) ALBUM

Photo Gallery: All Time Low Stars – 6/6/2013

Photos from the All Time Low Stars Set at the Hard Rock Cafe, Nashville, Tennessee on June 6, 2013.

The All Time Low Stars are:

Peter Keys – Keyboards, Vocals

J Kott – Bass, Vocals

Kenny Olson – Guitar

Matthew Hayes – Drums

Here’s a link to the gallery –> http://www.creativelymusical.com/atls662013/