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First Things First – Their First Music Video

Check it out folks –

Philly band, First Things First has released their first music video for the single “Love is For The _____.”

You can learn more about First Things First on Facebook – First Things First

About First Things First:
It pays off to spend countless hours networking and befriending others in the music industry, especially if you’re confident that you have something exceptional to offer. First Things First has done just that and it’s put them ahead of the game as they continue to dominate the local scene, headlining almost every show they play. Rising from the city of Brotherly Love’s fading music scene, First Things First has moved forward at a faster rate than any other band in the area with their influence dominating the social networks.

The band is made up of Stephen Schriner, Steve York, Vincent Cappello & Chris Guglielmi. Recorded in January 2011 by musical guru Brooks Paschal (Go Radio, VersaEmerge, There for Tomorrow and States), their ridiculously catchy EP “The Brighter Side” emerged in March of 2011 and provided for a memorable anthem of summer pop-punk tunes.

With endorsements through SJC Custom Drums, Clear Tune Monitors, Telefunken Microphones and Eloquent Creative Custom Stage Art as well as having toured New England twice, the Midwest and all over the greater Philadelphia region, First Things First has accomplished more in one year of being together than most bands do in three due to hard work, dedication and loyalty to their art.

Collectively influenced by the pop-punk masters who have gone before them such as Blink 182, The Starting Line, New Found Glory, Green Day and Yellowcard, First Things First is on the path to earning their place with the greats. Their distinctiveness sets them apart from other pop-punk bands.

In a world filled with obstacles, challenges and tragedies, First Things First hopes to lift spirits through their fun-loving carefree jams and remind folks that life isn’t as bad as they may think.