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Please note: Questions about Bret Michaels and related events will be forwarded to management. You should use the contact form found at to make contact directly. I do appreciate Bret fans visiting and checking out my site, however it would be best to email the web site/management directly for answers to your questions.

Although I have a full-time job, occasionally I find time for outside projects. Some of those include hobbies, crafts, photography, hand-drawn art and graphic design, web design and reviews.  As of this time, the only place I can promise your review will run is on my little web site, but I have submitted reviews in the past that were posted on Goldmine Magazine’s web site.

Also, I do have a CafePress store where I’ve put a few things up for sale. Some are just simple photo art from several years ago, but I will be adding more soon. is the site to check that out.

Again, thanks for checking me out and watching my creatively musical journey.

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