Creatively Musical is a place where art and music come together. While my main web site, CAEWebDesigner.com, is all about me and the things I like and the things I like to do, this site will be more about me sharing the art I create and the music I love.


While I have a degree in Computer Science, it was for programming most of those program languages are obsolete. Upon graduating college 20 years ago, I wanted to either do consulting or tutoring. I did data entry and networking for a while and then I stumbled into web design and later graphic design. It has only been in the past year that I have learned to love PhotoShop and Illustrator, those programs were always too pricey for just doing personal sites and graphics. I got them for work and am teaching myself a little at a time to do some pretty cool things. I have always been a font and color junkie, but experimenting in Illustrator and PhotoShop have made me a brush and vector junkie, too. 🙂

With all that being said, I am not schooled in graphic design and often wonder why skilled graphic artists do things the way they do things when I see easier ways of doing them. I use a lot of shortcuts, but I am learning some of the reasons they do what they do as I learn the ins and outs of the software.

As I learn I create and this is where I will share some of those creations.


I love music. Passionately love music. Many different genres – rock, country, jazz, classical and many more. I have to listen to music at least a little bit every day. I have a default playlist that I am sure will drive everyone who knows me crazy because they hear it every single day, but it is the music I love to hear and it makes me happy.

I had taken music all throughout my school years – violin from grade school through high school, music history in college and even a songwriting class in college. I have written a song that I am proud of, well the lyrics are probably less than stellar, but the music, I think, is pretty darn good. I need to find a really good piano player to play it for me. 🙂 When the music teacher in class played it, I was so proud of my little bitty song.

My main passion in music, is listening to it. New music, old music, any kind of music. I listen to many different kinds of music and usually just separate it into music I like and music I don’t. There are songs and albums I can listen to over and over again and never get tired of hearing. There are songs that I love, but don’t listen to very often. There are songs that would make you go ‘why do you like that song’ but I do and I am not ashamed of the silly or cheesey songs I like. If I don’t like it, I will usually here it everywhere and it will drive me crazy.

I wrote a few CD reviews in 2011. Mostly, I’ll just share the music I like and music news on this site and hope that I share something that you may like as well.

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