Creatively Musical Featured Artist for 12/4/2013 – Jamey Johnson

Jamey Johnson is a country singer/songwriter who’s written songs recorded by George Strait and Trace Adkins, among others.

Jamey is old country, outlaw country and far from pop country.  In my eyes, it was his award winning song “Give It Away” (recorded by George Strait) that brought Jamey to the forefront of the country scene. His acceptance speech thanking his ex-wife garnered him a lot of attention.

His albums High Lonesome and Guitar Song are two of the best country records to come out of the 2000’s in my opinion. They are as stone cold country as today’s country can get.

The song “In Color” is one of my favorite Jamey Johnson songs and Guitar Song is my favorite Jamey Johnson album.

Below are a few links to songs to check out, but I recommend checking out all of his music, including the songs he’s written that were recorded by other artists.


Check out for more information about Jamey and his music.