Artist of the Week for April 29, 2013: Don Williams

While watching the Stagecoach Festival on AXStv this past weekend I was reminded that while I do enjoy some of today’s country music, I really enjoy the older stuff better. The passing of George Jones combined with seeing Don Williams on television really drove home the point that older, traditional country music and today’s country music are related in name only. I was also disappointed to see so many of the artists on the Stagecoach festival – the younger ones in particular – covering classic rock songs as opposed to the older generations of country music. Instead of covering Johnny Cash or Waylon Jennings they covered Led Zeppelin and Kiss.

I do like some of today’s country music and I know that these younger artists grew up with a wide variety of music, but I am one of those people that wishes they spent more time paying tribute to the older artists of country music in addition to their influences. That’s why this week’s artist of the week is Don Williams. His set at Stagecoach was filled with songs I knew every word of, songs that made me miss older country music and he performed them so effortlessly and without much fanfare.

Don Williams is a true legend and I think he music needs to be shared with the world. I don’t think we should wait until they pass away to pay tribute to them, we should pay tribute to them while they are still alive and can appreciate the well-deserved accolades.

“Tulsa Time” –

“Amanda” –

“Lord I Hope This Day Is Good” –

“I Believe In You” –