Smoky White Devils Set Nashville’s Rock Scene On Fire

unnamedSmoky White Devils Set Nashville’s Rock Scene On Fire

The adrenaline rush of witnessing the birth of a world-class rock band is a rare thing, but the emergence of Nashville’s Smoky White Devils has provided exactly that high-velocity thrill in the last months of 2016. This band of incendiary players has been superheating Music City clubs with high-energy performances that blend the cutting edge of songwriting and rocking sonics with a backbone rooted in the classic sounds, styles and inspirations of some of the most intense musicians of the classic rock era: Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin… The result is a musical bridge between the past and present, leading to rock ‘n’ roll’s future.

The quintet of veteran players is fronted by Richie Owens on vocals and slide and rhythms guitars, and harmonica. Owens has toured with Dolly Parton and produced albums for Parton, the Georgia Satellites and the Kentucky Headhunters. Nick Kane, from the platinum years of the Mavericks, plays lead guitar. The aptly named Peter Keys, who also holds the piano bench in Lynyrd Skynyrd, plays keyboards. And drummer Jeff “Shakey” Fowlkes, who hails from session drummer on Kid Rock’s albums, and bassist John Reed, of longtime Nashville punk rebels Raging Fire, are the granite-tough rhythm section. Together they have forged an unforgettable style.

Now, as Smoky White Devils, they are poised to raise hell. Feel the burn December 17th at East Nashville’s The 5 Spot.

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RIP David Bowie

In my social feeds today I saw posts from what seemed like everywhere and everybody about the passing of David Bowie.

His art touched people of all ages, all walks of life, all professions, from all over the world.

There have been a few notable passing as of late in the music world – Natalie Cole, Lemmy Kilmister, Red Simpson, among others – but the amount of posts for David Bowie seemed to outnumber all of them combined.

Not a statistical research done, but the number if people on my feeds (that I had a chance to see) outnumbered all of those I mentioned follow a lot of rock stars and country artists and music pages in general.

The diversity of the people posting is a ln amazing testament to the iconic status and legacy of David Bowie.

I remember his videos from the MTV days, the duets with people like Bing Crosby.

The entertainment world has lost an icon.

RIP to the other Davy Jones – David Bowie

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